My Shell - Testimonies

1.  Since I started using the Turtle Way method, I feel more positive about everything.  It’s a goal for my sake and no one else.  I have some old clothes that I laid out, so I see them every day.  This is my goal to fit into them once again.

2.  I put all my scales in the basement and use the cute tap measure that came with the Turtle Way booklet.  I got a marker and marked my current waistline on the tape.  The booklet suggested using smaller plates, so I started using a saucer, which has helped me control my eating portions.  In just a month I am starting to see my waistline get smaller!

3.  I have tried many diets in the past, but I thought I would try another diet once again.  This time I'm using the Turtle plate to limit my portions and the refrigerator magnet to remind me every time I open the refrigerator door.  It's kind of like doing a diet, but the Turtle is there to keep me on track!